Help! We need somebody.Help! Not Just Anybody. 

Don’t be alarmed by the lyrics of the popular Beatles song in the title of this blog.  Many of you have asked us throughout this journey if you can send us stuff or if we need anything and we appreciate it.  This blog post is addressing  just that. We aren’t in any trouble – just providing ideas of what you can do to help (for those who want to). Now that we are in the north, over halfway home and the terrain is getting harder,  and we will be getting closer to the closing for the season at Baxter State Park,  we were hoping friends and family May be able to help us achieve our goal of submitting Kathadin.  

We will be looking for little to no cost lodging that is dog friendly,  to accommodate not just me,  Snorlax and Skye Stalker,  but our trail friends as well if they happen to be with us.  

Assistance with slackpacking. What is slackpacking? Backpacking but without  all of our camping gear,  generally just  a small day backpack.  Someone would drop us off at a spot along the trail that can be reached by car,  drive further up (10-20 miles usually) and meet us there.  For example,  a possibile spot in Maine would be Grafton Notch on Route 26, to East B Hill Road in Andover,  ME.  

Trail magic is always welcome.  Hanging out at parking lots of trail heads with cold drinks,  good food and good company is always nice.  The northern part of the trail doesn’t get much credit for trail magic,  mainly because I think it’s hard to coordinate with all the hikers so spread out towards the end of the trail.  Let’s show everyone that it’s not always southern hospitality and we northerners know how to provide magic too (not just our views on the mountains). 

Shuttling to stores-like grocery stores, outfitters, and places to shower and do laundry are always awesome as well.  

If you are near PA, NJ, NY, CT, VT, MA, NH or ME and want to help-let us know and we can go from there.  If not- that’s cool too, we are up for the challenge no matter what.  This post was mainly to get the word out of how to help on the trail for those who have been trying to find ways to get involved since the beginning.  


  1. lil' gini · July 26, 2016

    You miss Kayla, ahem( & Sean),
    Mrs. Norster, are a great inspiration ! Sending prayers and BIG LOVE !


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