I Mustache you A Question! Most FAQ and most Ridiculous Questions We Were Asked While Hiking the Appalachian Trail, and our ridiculous answers.

I Mustache you A Question! Most FAQ and most Ridiculous Questions We Were Asked While Hiking the Appalachian Trail, and our ridiculous answers.



Q: Where are you from?

A: Maine

Q: So you’re hiking home huh?

A:  Yeah… (insert awkward laughter as we are thinking we don’t really have a home now and Katahdin is 6 hours north of where our home was)

Q: What will you do with the dog in the Smokies?

A: Probably put her up for adoption.  (awkward stares and nodding all around)


Q: What did you do with the dog in the Smokies?

A: We actually gave her to a shelter and luckily she was still there when we finished.


Q: Why does the dog eat?

A:  (long pause- deep breath, I got to be nice on this one). Well, the same reason everyone eats. We need food to give us energy to do stuff.

Q: What kind of dog is she? 

A: part lab,  part mountain goat. 


Q:  How do you guys eat? Kill squirrels and stuff?

A: Yes. And then we dehydrate them and eat them. We try to find the fattest squirrel.

Q: What was the craziest thing you saw on the trail?

A: A fellow hiker threw their thermarest seat in the fire, while other hikers were sitting on soggy pieces of cardboard.

Q: Are you guys sisters? (To me and Game Warden)

A: (both of us look at each other confused)  no

Questioner then states, “Oh, you guys are both wearing blue so I thought you may be sisters.”

Q: Do you have a gun?

A: Not unless you’re talking about my arms, also known as guns in some cultures.


Q:  What about the bears?

A: it was a great skit done by SNL, and a well known football team.



Q: You’re doing the whole thing?!

A: That’s the plan. No one plans on picking me up. The ride to Georgia was pretty long. Probably just better to walk.  A lot more interesting this way too.

Q: Are you going to make it to Katahdin? (This was asked even in Maine, when Katahdin was less than 100 miles away)

A: That’s the goal, not just going to give up now. Ok, walked to Maine, let’s just call it good here, come back another time, even though we just spent about 6 months of hiking. I couldn’t bare another few weeks.

Q: Oh that’s a good idea,  do you the have the dog carrying your stuff too?

A: Yeah, she’s carrying all the kibble we eat.

Q: What is the Appalachian Trail?

A: (Long pause- bite tongue) Well, it’s a trail that runs from Georgia to Maine. Thousands attempt to hike it every year.


Q: Wow, 2189 miles do you think anyone has ever done it? (looking at a sign, where a bunch of thru hikers are sitting next to)

A: (hikers all look in astonishment and nod rapidly) Yes, lots. We are doing just that.


Q: What about showers?

A: What about them?


Q:When did you start?

A: End of March

Q: Whoa, so you’re behind huh?

A: Behind what?

Q: Did you tell your dog you were hiking the Appalachian Trail?

A: Yes, but I’m not sure if she understands English that well.

Q: Does sex attract bears?

A:  Only the ones who just finished reading 50 Shades of Grey.


Q:  Did you see a lot of snakes?

A: Yes. I tried using them for my Britney Spears “I’m a slave for you” impression but it failed.


Q: What made you want to hike the trail?

A: I lost a bet.

Q:  What did you have to do if you won?




Q: Any regrets, or anything you would change?

A: Maybe get a fitbit next time.










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