Hey I just wrote this- call me crazy- but here’s our plan, help us maybe?

If I had a dollar for everytime someone told me I was crazy, I probably would have quit my job sooner to hike the Appalachian trail. Instead, I just let them call me crazy and continued on with my every day life.  A majority of my every day life is spent in a small, partially enclosed space, with padded walls, isolated from others. No, it is not a mental institute, but close- it’s the dreadful cubicle. Luckily, not all of my walls in my cubicle are padded. I am one of the rare specimens in my office in which I have a glass wall as well. My only assumption is that my employer knew ahead of time that I was wild, and like creatures at the zoo and aquariums, could not only make money but also entertain others.

I say all of the above with love, and humor because this is how I live my life- with just that-love and humor. I know that a day without laughter is a day wasted, and ain’t nobody got time for wasting days.  I also live my life with student loans, and other adult things like rent, food, beer and wine. In order to pay for said adulting, I work.

Hiking the Appalchain trail has been a dream of mine since I was playing Oregon Trail on an Apple II (if you have to ask then you will never know). Not to confuse the Oregon Trail with the Appalachian trail , but ya know, one thing leads to another. It was a dream that seemed to always just be on the back burner of all of my goals. I finished high school, went to several different colleges, and changed majors several different times. Somewhere between changing majors I met my future husband (Sean)and we got a dog (Skye, she’s my bitch).  I graduated college, got married and then I was all- now what?  I love kids and it may be for me someday – but not me, not now sort of deal. Luckily, Skye is lab mixed with part mountain goat, my husband likes hiking and looks good with a beard so we decided to pursue the goal of hiking the Appalachain trail.

This is my first blog post ever. My goal is to document our adventure on the Appalachain trail. Somedays it may be boring. Somedays it may make you laugh or cry- or even both. If you are like some people I know (names will not be disclosed), you may laugh so hard you pee your pants- that’s okay- I may be doing all of the above somedays.

We have been slowly mentally and physically preparing ourselves for this adventure.  This will not be a movie or a vacation, But if it were going to be like one, then it’s likely going to be like a National Lampoon’s Vacation movie because things definitely will go wrong.

In March, we will be leaving all that’s familiar to us behind- our jobs, our family, our home. Our new home will be an MSR tent we got while working crazy hours at L.L. Bean on top of our regular full time jobs. Our food will be meals that come from a bag and require just adding water that we spent months cooking, dehydrating and packing ahead of time. Our showers may be only every 3-4 days if we are lucky. Everything we will have for our journey will be worn and/or carried on our backs, 2160 miles, through 14 states- on our long walk home back to Maine.

So…go ahead..call us crazy but we may actually start collecting dollars for each time you do. 🙂

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